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Potato Morocco

Main vegetable consumed in Morocco, the potato is with tomato an essential product of the fruit and vegetable market. Morocco produces more than 1.4 million tonnes of potatoes annually, mainly for the local market.

Potato exports have been declining steadily over the last ten years and range from around 10 to 30,000 tons. Exports are now marginal while they were imports when they have continued to grow: 40 to 60000T depending on the year. Although the introduction of localized irrigation has led to an improvement in productivity, other farming techniques have not improved significantly since the 1970s.

Tomato Morocco

Tomato is the second most consumed vegetable in the world. Each year, more than 130 million tonnes (2015-2016) are produced. In Morocco, this culture occupies a central place.

More than 400000 tons of tomato exported in 2008-2009 make Morocco the 3rd largest exporter after Mexico and Turkey (without taking into account the intra-European export of this product).