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Introduction Potato Morocco 2014


Varieties, cultivation techniques and postharvest


Potato is one of the most consumed vegetable in Morocco and an important product in the fruit and vegetable market. Morocco produces annually more than 1.4 million tons of potato, mainly for the local market.

Export of potatoes have been declining over the past ten years and hovered around 10 to 30,000 tons. Exportations are marginal today eventhough it was important during the 80s and 90s and exceeded 100 000T a year. On the opposite, importations did not stop growing from 40 to 60 000T each year.

 The introduction of drip irrigation has improved productivity, but the other cultivation techniques have not experienced significant improvements since the 70s.

In Morocco, 40 year old varieties are still widely grown even though they no longer meet the requirements of export markets and contribute to its decline. The producer must meet the quality requirements of the consumer market and choose varieties known for their high quality.

The decline in export activity is also a result of a delay in the adoption of good agricultural practices which are almost generalized in the other vegetables export sector.

A substantial progress needs to be made in the post-harvest, packaging and storage in other to restart the Moroccan potato exportation.

In the field of industrial processing, it is urgent to guide professionals towards the adoption of suitable varieties to no longer depend on competing countries.

These are the topics that will be discussed at Potato Morocco 2014. The lectures will be presented by leading national and international experts with long experience in the field.


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