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Tomatoes of Morocco, the challenges of tomorrow
The 9th December 2009 in Agadir, Morocco


09h00 Welcoming words
09h05 Minister’s speech

Opening Remarks

09h15 The tomato export industry a strategic asset for Morocco: Facts and Figures (Mr. ZAHIDI, ASPEM, Morocco)

Morocco- European Union agreement: Advanced Status, Mediterranean Union, what impact on the moroccan tomato industry?

09h30 The current negotiations (Hassan Benabderrazik, ex-GS of the ministry of agriculture, Morocco)
10h20 The viewpoint of European Organisations DPA (Hollande)

1rst session Q&A (10 min)
Coffee Break (15 min)

Holland, a cutting edge model of agricultural technology

11h10 How to produce 100 Kg/m² of tomatoes in Holland (Ep heuvelink, Université Wageningen, Holland)
11h35 Controlling the greenhouse’s climate and cogeneration: a strength in the Dutch production cycle (José Carettero, Priva, Holland)

3rd session Q&A

A more performing productive system for Morocco

14h15 Profitable and practical innovations and improvements for the Morocco greenhouse industry (Peter Klapwijk, Green Q, Holland)
14h55 The necessity of new types of greenhouse structures (Edward van Verbakel, Verbakel-bomkas, Holland)
15h20 The IPM tomato crop, progress and new threats: Tutta Absoluta (Youssef Ouhlous,Koppert, Morocco)

4th session Q&A
Coffee Break

Trade policies and logistics

16h25 Saint Charles platform: asset or constraint? (Alain Bargniol, Market of Saint Charles, France)
16h50 The European fruit and vegetables sector in upheaval (Théo Tijssen, DPA, Holland)
17h15 Holland an important hub for fruit and vegetables trade in north and west Europe (Hans Van Den Heuvel, Hillfresh, Holland)
17h40 New transportation trends in Morocco (Samir Tazi, ASPEM, Morocco)

5th session Q&A

18h20 Closing Speech


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