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Edition 2011 (en)


24th of March 2011, Agadir, Morocco
Moroccan Tomatoes

New type of greenhouses and suitable production techniques for Morocco


The first edition of Agriconferences, on Tomatoes from Morocco, focused on the necessity and key benefits on ameliorating the greenhouses in Morocco. The conference gave the opportunity to participants to discuss the disadvantages of the current greenhouses and to start looking at new opportunities that control climatic parameters. One of the conclusions during the conference was that extending the surface was not the only solution anymore. Renovating the greenhouses and improving efficiency will also improve overall productivity and help answer the augmenting demand . This conclusion is today widespread within the profession. However, questions remain:

– What are the right equipments to choose from to ensure supervision of micro climatic parameters which directly or indirectly improve the productivity?
– How to control the heating and cooling system of the greenhouses? Knowing that it will be slightly different than in northern Europe since Morocco has a Mediterranean climate.

The second edition of Agriconferences will answer this questions and provide professionals with elements of reflections and practical applications to help them make right choices. The experience of neighboring countries, with the same climatic challenges as Morocco, will also be presented during the conference.


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