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As part of our activities within your farm, we can offer various training both technical and managerial to assist you in:

Your technological watch
- An update of your production techniques
- An establishment and support of a real management of your business

Some of the subjects we offer:
This course is a global training that will assist you in the upgrade of your greenhouses structures and will cover the following aspects:

- Soilless cultivation
- New types of greenhouses and climate management
- The nets and plastic cover

- Human Resources and Organization
- Accounting in a farm context
- Negotiation

Training specific to workers and team leaders
- Management of the crop (and other recurring tasks …)
- Quality
- Management and Operations (introductory approach )
- ….

Nevertheless, we can still study your needs and propose tailor made training courses.

Training evaluation
Feedback is essential for the management to have a clear vision about whether they are progressing, or not, evaluation is also essential to the trainee’s confidence.
Evaluation is an important tool because it determines the efficiency of a training action.
Green Smile offers you the possibility to evaluate your training sessions in other to have feedbacks and measures that will make the development of your training plan easier.

For more information regarding trainings do not hesitate to contact us:


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