Nom: Blueberries Morocco 2022
Dates : May 24th & 25th
Venue : Royal Atlas Hotel à Agadir

In order to meet the training needs of blueberry growers, Green Smile is organizing the second edition of its extensive training course BLUEBERRIES MOROCCO : “Technical performance in blueberry crop”.

This extensive training will be given by Sebastián Ochoa an international consultant considered one of the best specialists in the world in blueberry crop.

Roger Horak, Founder and CEO of United Exports & Co-Founder of OZblu describes Sebastián, ” Sebastián is one of the most highly skilled and respected individuals in the blueberry industry around the globe” *

This training is designed to help you reach a good level of technical performance in blueberry cultivation, whether in soil or in substrate.

The BLUEBERRIES MOROCCO 2022 – 2nd edition, will take place on May 24 & 25 at the Royal Atlas Hotel in Agadir.

Target : Blueberries growers, growers that want to convert to blueberry crop, technical consultants, Production managers, farm managers, Technical sales managers.

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