Peter Stradiot - Belgium

Peter STRADIOT has been leading the consulting company InnoGreen for 20 years, whose activities focus on:

Global consultancy on greenhouse vegetables

Collaboration with Looije Agro Technics: greenhouse construction consultancy and tools and software for plant operation visualization

Crop risk management (Deligrow)

Nursery growth monitor (Propagrow)

Plant activity with Infrared measurements (PAS)

Business planning

Peter Stradiot worked for over 18 years at Grodan, where he served as Director for France and Spain, overseeing not only management but also consultancy and know-how. In terms of know-how, he developed hydroponic systems including automatic irrigation, drainage recirculation, and root determination. He also created a horticultural database and invented a plant recording system.

In consultancy, Peter Stradiot was responsible for providing technical consultancy services in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, EU, Morocco, Argentina, Mexico, Pakistan, and South Korea. He has extensive experience in Spain, particularly in Almeria, and also serves as a consultant in Morocco, where he possesses in-depth knowledge of both soil-based and soilless production systems.


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