Said Ouraich - Morocco

Mr. Said Ouraich, an Agronomist specialized in Plant Protection, graduated from the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute in Rabat in 1999. He began his career at Maraissa (part of the Azura Group) as a Farm Manager and member of the technical staff.

He then joined the Kabbage Group (GPA) as Production Manager. He then moved on to Gautier Semences seed company and later to BASF Morocco, where he served as Development Manager.

With extensive experience in seed and phytosanitary product development, he took on various roles within the greenhouse and open-field vegetable production group Van Oers United, its subsidiary in Morocco Quality Bean, and its subsidiaries in Africa.

For over 6 years now, he has been the Production Director at Duroc, a major player in cherry tomato production and exportation.


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