Green Smile is a training and consulting company in agriculture founded in May 2009. Specialized in advanced production techniques and high value-added speculation. Green Smile is the leading specialist in greenhouse issues.

We work on sectors such as tomatoes, potatoes, Berries… We connect Moroccan growers with the best specialists in the world. Green Smile offers series of trainings for farmers to support them in their development. How to produce tomato out of the ground? How to manage planting and plant recovery? How to master blueberries and raspberry cultivation? Or how to optimize water resources by recycling drain water? These are all themes on which Green Smile train a large number of farmers each year. Green Smile is also an organizer of events such as Agriconferences: Tomato Morocco, Morocco Potato, Blueberries Morocco. In 2015, Green Smile was at the origin of the creation of the first association of potato producers of Morocco (PPM).

Our goal is to support the Moroccan agricultural companies in its struggle to maintain and expand its export market shares.  we offer consulting, training and farm auditing, very specialized conferences, networking, implementation of communication strategy for agricultural enterprises.

Our courses and conferences are the most highly rated on the market.

Meet our founders


ZAHIDI Mohammed

Co-founder and chairman

Co-founder and chairman of Green Smile, a leader in Moroccan market gardening with more than 40 years of experience in the field. He was one of the leading executives within SASMA, the 1st agricultural advisory agency in Morocco, for 10 years during which he participated in supporting Moroccan growers through important technical supervision work.

He chose the profession of grower – exporter first in El Jadida and then in Agadir region. He distinguished himself by high-level technicality and positioned himself as a pioneer in various speculations: Morocco’s first exporter of cherry tomatoes, fine herbs, flat beans, etc. At the same time, he was one of the main leaders of the fruit & vegetable association, both in Agadir and at a national level. Mr. Zahidi Mohammed is a founding member of APEFEL association where he served as general secretary of creation from 1994 until 2009. In parallel with his activities within Green Smile, Mr. Zahidi is a grower of cereals, beetroot sugar and organic vegetables in the Doukkala region. Mr. Zahidi is also a founding member and president of the Moroccan Potato Producers Association.


Co-founder and head of business development

She is a woman entrepreneur in agriculture, proud of her 19 years of experience in the field.

In 2009, she co-founded Green Smile through which she support growers with training and innovative events.

She is also a coach, mentor, trainer and speaker. Her favorite subjects are supporting young people, entrepreneurship, innovation, personal development and agri-business.


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