A video highlighting the introduction of nine new soilless strawberry crops in southern Italy

Combimetal Carrera, a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of innovative agricultural systems, has recently completed the installation of new soilless strawberry crops in Basilicata, Calabria, and Puglia. These advanced systems, adjustable up to three levels, aim to assist workers in their operations.
Over the past two months, nine of these systems have been set up in the provinces of Matera, Cosenza, and Lecce, covering a total area of more than ten hectares. Assembly operations, initiated in July, concluded recently, and the current focus is on completing the transplantation process, as mentioned by company manager Antonio Carrera.Primarily featuring dual-row configurations, the new systems anticipate a promising fall in 2023, marked by increased spring pre-orders and a decline in raw material prices. Carrera notes a growing awareness among strawberry growers regarding the benefits of soilless cultivation, with clients reporting minimal plant decline compared to traditional methods.
Combimetal Carrera’s systems boast 2 or 3 adjustable rows supported by sturdy 2.2-2.5 mm steel rods, 5 mm hot galvanized brackets, and fixing bases to prevent rod sinking under the weight. These systems contribute to labor efficiency, ensuring uniformity in plant and fruit growth, and maintaining a cleaner production environment.
Carrera highlights the company’s two-year study that led to the assembly of the first system with 5 rows of trays, instead of the conventional 4, in a greenhouse with five-meter-wide arches. This innovative approach aimed to optimize space between rows without compromising production quality under varying light conditions, providing a more practical working environment for operators.




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