Agroberries leader acquires stake in UK supplier berryworld’s EMEA and APAC ventures

Global berry producer-marketer Agroberries has acquired a minority stake in BerryWorld’s Europe, Middle East & African, as well as Asia-Pacific businesses. This strategic investment is set to provide BerryWorld, a UK-based berry and fresh-cut fruit marketer, with a strong foundation for expansion, enabling it to establish a diversified global presence across the entire value chain, according to BerryWorld.
Argent, the largest shareholder of BerryWorld, which has supported the company’s growth since its establishment in 1994, has expressed its enthusiasm for Agroberries’ investment and is looking forward to the next phase of growth.
Jorge Varela, co-founder and CEO of Agroberries, expressed excitement about the opportunities that this investment will bring, emphasizing that it will expand their global reach and broaden their involvement in various berry categories.
Adam Olins, founder and CEO of BerryWorld, highlighted the shared values, culture, and commitment to sustainability between the two organizations. He expressed confidence in the possibilities that Agroberries’ investment will create for their growers and customers in a continually evolving market landscape.




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