Berries have become a category of fruits with high value for the market, and consumers and with good attributes to improve health benefits. As consumers seek healthy fruits, growers, and retailers must focus on produce and guarantee reliable and stable supply. With that in mind, and with the aim to identify, and resolve the quality issues and concerns and to make new technology useful for the berry growers, agronomists, and quality inspectors, Green Smile and Hortitool Consulting, under the umbrella of the Morocco Berry Conference brand, launch a new masterclass called: Post-harvest of Berries: Problems, Solutions, and Technologies.

Join us in September for this immersive course on the “do’s” and “don’ts” of berry handling and also the new technologies to extend the shelf life of these highly valued and healthy fruits.

The course will be hosted by the keynote speaker Paula del Valle, Berry Postharvest expert from Chile.

The course will take place every Tuesday and Thursday 90 min presentation 30 min Q & A

The price of this online training is 450 Eu

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