Biosecurity risk analysis for Fresh Pomelo imports from Vietnam

The Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has initiated a risk analysis in response to a market access request from Vietnam for importing fresh pomelo fruit. Citrus Australia, the industry body, is closely following the analysis.
Citrus Australia acknowledges the need for this analysis as part of Australia’s obligations as a member of the World Trade Organization. The organization is engaging technical experts to ensure thorough assessment and management of potential biosecurity risks.
Currently, Australia allows limited fresh pomelo imports from select countries such as the United States, Israel, Spain, and New Zealand. Most pomelos in Australia are locally produced.
Citrus Australia views Vietnamese pomelos as a small segment in the Australian citrus market. The organization believes that the growing production of high-quality Australian pomelos could meet the market demand, potentially limiting opportunities for Vietnamese pomelos.
The risk analysis process involves evaluating potential pests and diseases associated with Vietnamese pomelos. The findings and proposed risk management measures will be presented in a draft report. DAFF plans to release this report for public consultation in the first half of 2024. Stakeholder input will influence the final report and the subsequent decision on granting market access.
Citrus Australia commits to actively participating in the consultation process and thoroughly reviewing the draft report’s findings. The organization emphasizes the importance of robust biosecurity to safeguard the Australian citrus industry and protect growers’ livelihoods.
In summary, DAFF’s risk analysis on importing fresh pomelos from Vietnam is being closely watched by Citrus Australia, which aims to ensure the process is comprehensive and safeguards the interests of the local citrus industry.

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