The ongoing season for Moroccan berries continues, marked by the resilience of growers recovering from the challenges posed by Storm Bernard during the difficult summer. Zouhir Daissoria, a fruit grower in the Larache region, provides insights into the current situation.
Zouhir expresses satisfaction with the overall demand and prices for their products, acknowledging the rewards for the tremendous efforts put in during the summer and the significant losses incurred post-Storm Bernard. While the situation varies for each product, the general trend indicates positive demand and prices, despite a decrease in volumes and yield compared to the previous season.
Regarding raspberries, which were adversely affected by the storm due to its timing during an advanced production stage, Zouhir notes a recovery with favorable prices. The peak harvest has passed, marking the end of the initial production cycle, albeit with a nearly 40% reduction in yields primarily attributable to the storm.
Strawberries, facing challenges from diminished demand in recent years and intense competition from Egypt, surprisingly demonstrate satisfactory demand. Zouhir mentions being in the 5th week of strawberry harvest, with a good market and acceptable prices. However, issues such as size variations, deformed fruit, and discoloration persist, and volumes are notably lower than the previous season as some growers opt to convert strawberry acreage to other fruits.
In contrast, the blueberry season shows promise, attracting increased interest from growers and witnessing significant acreage expansion. Zouhir reports being in the initial week of the blueberry harvest, with current prices deemed favorable, and optimism for further improvement. While the yield remains uncertain, positive indicators suggest a promising outlook for the blueberry season.

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