Customers are scrambling for the first Egyptian strawberries – Dutch trader

Yesterday marked the arrival of the initial shipment of Egyptian strawberries at Bij LuBa Fresh in the Netherlands. Lucien de Wit, a spokesperson for the company, shared that the strawberries were in high demand, with customers eagerly vying for them. Despite the steep price of €9 to €9.50, which is considered high by Egyptian standards, Lucien pointed out that the increased costs in the country justify these rates. He reassured that there are no signs of an imminent market collapse.
The firm varieties, including Fortuna and Sensation, are particularly popular and often make their way to German Christmas markets, where they are dipped in chocolate. Lucien emphasized the robust demand from Germany, indicating a strong market trend. The current harvest, although similar to previous years, has faced some slowdown. The volume is expected to persist until January 1.
Lucien highlighted the logistical challenge of securing sufficient cargo space on flights for transportation. While in past years, shipments occasionally arrived by boat, the focus now is on more frequent deliveries via air transport. With shipments arriving three to four times a week at multiple airports, the aim is to maintain a short supply chain. Lucien noted that strawberries harvested over the weekend were swiftly dispatched to clients, emphasizing the efficiency of their distribution process.

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