Driscoll’s Ranks Among America’s Top Ten Retail Grocery Brands


Driscoll’s has once again reaffirmed its position among the top ten retail grocery brands, as reported by Circana, a leading authority on consumer behavior and supermarket sales tracking. The mid-year 2023 rankings underscore Driscoll’s unmatched standing in traditional grocery retailers, exemplifying its consistent leadership in the food industry. Notably, Driscoll’s has achieved notable growth over the past four years, gaining a tenth of a share point, which sets it apart from several higher-ranked center-store brands experiencing a decline in share points.

In the dynamic retail landscape, where retail sources account for over 85% of the annual 600 billion eating occasions, food companies must remain vigilant about evolving trends to stay competitive. Modern consumers are shifting between various retail platforms, from discounters to big box supercenters, club stores, convenience stores, and online platforms. The significance of fresh food perimeter departments, encompassing produce, meat, deli, bakery, seafood, and floral sections, continues to grow, contributing to 45% of retail food and beverage sales.

Moreover, in 2022, Driscoll’s also achieved recognition among the top twenty-five food brands in terms of dollar sales across the United States. Circana‘s Principal, Jonna Parker, highlights Driscoll’s adeptness in seizing growth opportunities amidst transformative changes in the retail sector, positioning itself not just as a produce company, but also as a competitive food brand. Driscoll’s commitment to delivering “Only the Finest Berries™” is evident through its focus on providing exquisite strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries to the market. The brand’s flavor innovation and differentiation stem from proprietary varieties exclusively grown by a network of over 900 independent growers.

Acknowledging the influence of digitally connected millennials and Gen Z, who are reshaping the retail landscape, leading brands have embraced this shift, gaining profound insights into how and where to engage with shoppers through digital platforms. By prioritizing consumers and staying responsive to the evolving preferences of these tech-savvy generations, brands like Driscoll’s are well-equipped to flourish in this era of retail transformation.



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