Exploring the Future Outlook of South Africa’s Blueberry Industry

The BFAP report presented during the BerriesZA Annual Technical and Trade Symposium offers valuable insights into the future of South Africa’s blueberry industry over the next decade. Despite some challenges, the report reveals significant growth potential for the sector.

Key Findings:

  1. Continued Production Improvement: The report highlights ongoing progress in blueberry production, with advanced genetics leading to higher yields. However, limited expansion of production hectares may impede overall growth.
  2. Logistics and Quality Concerns: Challenges with logistics in the 2022 season resulted in delayed deliveries to international markets, affecting pricing and berry quality. Addressing these issues is crucial to ensure consistent supply and maintain the industry’s reputation.
  3. Infrastructural Obstacles: Local infrastructural challenges in logistics and energy supply hinder industry growth. Resolving these issues requires collaborative efforts and investments.
  4. Cautious Investment Environment: Despite promising prospects, cautious investment prevails due to high-interest rates and stagnant global blueberry prices. Easing input costs and favorable exchange rates offer hope for attracting investment.
  5. Tapping into Growing Markets: Rising per capita consumption of blueberries in major markets, driven by health-conscious consumers, presents opportunities for expansion. Exploring untapped markets can further boost the industry’s growth.

    SA Blueberry Outlook 2023-2032
  6. Profitability Drivers: Effective labor management, high product quality, optimal seasonal timing, and favorable pack-outs are key factors for industry profitability.
  7. South Africa’s blueberry industry is at a pivotal moment, shaped by challenges and opportunities. By addressing logistics, fostering investment, and capitalizing on global demand, growth is achievable.

In conclusion, the South African blueberry industry faces challenges, but strategic approaches to address them, along with capitalizing on growing global demand, can pave the way for sustainable growth. By enhancing production techniques and maintaining product quality, the industry can thrive in the competitive global market.




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