Moroccan blueberry sales to the UK have surged due to Brexit, surpassing Spain in the process

Morocco maintains a rapid ascent in the UK market, as reported by EastFruit. The current season witnessed a record-breaking volume of Moroccan blueberries reaching the UK market. Impressively, Morocco has outpaced Spain, one of the leading exporters of this product, in terms of blueberry shipments to the United Kingdom.
Moroccan blueberry sales to the UK have experienced remarkable growth, soaring 29-fold within just three years. In the marketing year 2022/23 (from July to June), Moroccan blueberry exports to the UK surpassed 11,000 tons, generating nearly $60 million in export revenue.
The surge in Moroccan fruit, vegetable, and berry exports to the UK, notably after Brexit, has been a consistent trend. During the 2022/23 marketing year, Morocco achieved a record volume of raspberry exports to the UK, allowing it to surpass Spain and become the leading supplier of this berry to the United Kingdom.
The demand for blueberries among British consumers has been on the rise, with imports reaching around 60,000 tons in the July 2022 to June 2023 period. The UK ranks fifth globally in blueberry imports. Notably, blueberries from 25 countries, including Peru, Morocco, Spain, Chile, Poland, and the Netherlands, made their way to the UK in the same marketing year.
While Peru leads global blueberry exports, accounting for nearly a quarter of the UK’s total imports, Morocco has emerged as a significant player, securing second place in the import structure with a 19% share. Spain, once a major player and a conduit for Moroccan blueberries, has seen reduced exports from Morocco in recent years, leading to a decline in its overall blueberry supplies.
Morocco’s proactive shift in directing a substantial portion of its blueberry supplies directly to consumer countries, particularly the UK, has propelled it to a prominent position in the British blueberry market. As a result, Morocco’s share in the UK’s total blueberry imports has surged, positioning the North African country in second place in the import structure.
Blueberries have become a pivotal export for Morocco, experiencing a noteworthy ascent in the country’s revenue structure. Just a year ago, they held the 4th position in Morocco’s export revenue, and within the current year’s initial six months, they swiftly climbed to the 2nd position.
Morocco primarily channels its blueberry exports to Europe, reaching 37 foreign markets in the marketing year 2022/23. This robust export performance resulted in a substantial $315 million in revenue, propelling Morocco to the 8th spot among global blueberry suppliers.
Regrettably, the recent impact of Storm Bernard, which affected Morocco, Spain, and Portugal, has inflicted significant damage on early varieties of blueberry plantations. Farmers are currently evaluating the extent of the losses, but it is anticipated that the aftermath will lead to a notable increase in berry prices.




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