Moroccan raspberries triumph over French consumer patriotism in the market

Morocco achieved a remarkable milestone in the 2022/23 season by setting a new record in fresh raspberry exports to France, a nation renowned for its preference for locally produced goods. Moroccan producers played a pivotal role in driving the substantial growth observed in fresh raspberry imports in France during this period.
In the July-June 2022/23 season, Moroccan exporters successfully marketed over 6,000 tons of fresh raspberries to French importers, marking a noteworthy 20% increase from the preceding season. Notably, Morocco’s raspberry exports have nearly tripled compared to the 2020/21 season.
The surge in fresh raspberry supplies from Morocco significantly contributed to the overall increase in imports of this product in France. By the conclusion of the 2022/23 season, French importers had acquired more than 24,000 tons of fresh raspberries from global markets, with Morocco maintaining its position as the second-largest supplier, holding nearly a quarter of the market share.
It is worth highlighting that despite France’s reputation for patriotic consumers and governmental initiatives to promote the consumption of local products, the country remains a net importer of fresh raspberries. In the 2022/23 season, only 7,300 tons of this berry were exported from France.
France imports raspberries even during the peak of the local berry season, with monthly import volumes reaching at least 1,200 tons. Spain stands as the primary supplier of raspberries to the French market, providing its own or re-exported raspberries year-round, although supply volumes dip notably in July-September.
Other significant raspberry suppliers to the French market include Portugal, the Netherlands, and Belgium, offering raspberries consistently throughout the year. Smaller exporting nations such as Poland, Cyprus, Germany, Serbia, and Mexico also contribute to the French market.
It’s important to note that Morocco commenced the new 2023/24 season with a slightly reduced export volume, with 990 tons of fresh raspberries exported from July to September, the lowest amount for this period in the past six years. In the initial three months of the season, only 70 tons of fresh raspberries were delivered to France, compared to 250 tons the previous year. The decline in supplies was attributed to reduced farmer interest following the challenging pricing conditions of the previous season, particularly in the first half. Additionally, adverse weather conditions in Morocco in October could potentially lead to a temporary halt or significant slowdown in fresh raspberry exports from the country.

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