Morocco ranked as the EU’s second-largest tomato supplier in 2023

In 2023, Morocco emerged as the European Union’s second-largest tomato supplier, following the Netherlands. A Hortoinfo report, citing Euroestacom (ICEX-Eurostat) data, revealed that Morocco’s market share surged by 18.86% over the past five years. During the same period, Spain’s share declined by 25.2% (dropping to third place), while the Netherlands experienced an 18.62% decrease.
In 2023, the EU imported 2,643.83 million kilos of tomatoes, marking a 3.21% decrease from 2019, valued at 5,091.73 million euros, with an average price of 1.93 euros per kilo.
The Netherlands led in tomato sales, with 650.74 million kilos sold in the EU in 2023, a decrease of 148.92 million kilos compared to 2019, representing 24.61% of the total. Morocco followed closely, selling 491.91 million kilos and surpassing Spain, which ranked third with 462.66 million kilos, a decrease of 155.85 million kilos compared to 2019. Turkey experienced a significant increase in sales, reaching 248.76 million kilos in 2023.
In 2023, the Netherlands led in tomato sales revenue, totaling 1,331.75 million euros, an increase of 2.34 million euros compared to 2019, with an average price of 2.05 euros per kilo.
Spain ranked second in revenue, with sales worth 981.64 million euros, an increase of 98.6 million euros from 2019, thanks to an average price of 2.12 euros per kilo.
Morocco maintained its position in third place with sales totaling 971.7 million euros, a significant increase of 480.18 million euros from 2019, with an average price of 1.98 euros per kilo.
Turkey followed in fourth place, with sales of 332 million euros and an average price of 1.33 euros per kilo, representing a substantial increase from its 2019 sales of 90.31 million euros.




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