Pink Star, the premium raspberry in Europe, unveiled by Agrovision and Earth Market

Earth Market, the subsidiary specializing in variety and licensing, has granted Agrovision, a prominent global berry producer and year-round supplier, exclusive European cultivation and marketing rights for their new premium raspberry, Pink Star.
Pink Star is the latest addition to the portfolio of the renowned French breeding company, Marionnet Label. Known for its market-leading high-flavor strawberry varieties, such as Mariguette, Marvella, and Magnum, Marionnet Label boasts superior genetic taste profiles and technological expertise. Pink Star raspberries have already garnered acclaim, receiving a 2-star flavor certification from the International Taste Institute in Brussels in May 2023.
Key Features The partnership will focus on employing advanced techniques and infrastructure to scale up Pink Star production year-round across all 52 weeks of the calendar year.
Designed with efficient crop management in mind, these varieties are ideal for year-round cultivation. Furthermore, they build upon a legacy of over a century of experience, passed down to the current team of breeders at Marionnet’s Centre de Recherche et d’Innovation Végétale in Sologne.
Steve McVickers, Chief Commercial Officer of Agrovision Corp, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “It’s truly exciting and a great privilege for Agrovision to collaborate with esteemed breeders like Marionnet Label and their colleagues at Earth Market. Agrovision has long aspired to make its mark in the highly competitive raspberry market, and the successful commercial trials of Pink Star varieties at Agrovision’s newly established farms in Morocco have yielded promising results in terms of quality and supply continuity. Planting is already underway in Morocco in both primocane and longcane formats, with the first harvest expected from November 2023 to May 2024.”
This partnership with Earth Market, combined with Agrovision’s integrated supply chains, ensures that Pink Star will consistently meet customer and consumer expectations for quality and taste throughout European markets and all year round.
Willian Muñoz Cadena, Head of Business Development at Earth Market, expressed his enthusiasm for the official launch of the Pink Star program: “We are thrilled to officially launch the Pink Star program. At Earth Market, we are dedicated to understanding each raspberry variety and its ideal growing conditions. The knowledge we have gained through this commitment has enabled us to develop tailored technological approaches and solutions for our growing partners.”
Muñoz added, “Agrovision is a fully integrated berry supplier and the fastest-growing global grower. Equipped for year-round production, it has assembled a highly skilled and experienced team, ensuring that Earth Market can approach this venture as a genuine and powerful partnership. By closely aligning our objectives, we look forward to unlocking the tremendous potential of Marionnet’s genetics in Pink Star varieties.




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