Zlecaf : Moroccan exporters are gearing up for their action plan.

Echanges commerciaux: ce que gagne le Maroc en adhérant à la ZLECAF
On July 12, 2023, in Casablanca, a seminar was held, organized by the Moroccan Association of Exporters (Asmex), in collaboration with the Ministries of Transport and Logistics, as well as Industry and Commerce. The event aimed to provide substantial support to exporters and the private sector, thereby boosting trade exchanges.The chosen venue for this significant seminar was the Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca. The event was elevated by the active participation of Mr. Ryad Mezzour, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, and Mr. Mohammed Abdeljalil, the Minister of Transport and Logistics in Morocco.The steadfast commitment of the Moroccan government towards creating a favorable environment for trade with the rest of Africa is undeniable. However, during this conference, both the Minister of Commerce and the speakers emphasized the persistent challenges that hinder the growth of intra-African trade compared to other global trading regions. Hassan Sentissi El Idrissi, President of Asmex, also highlighted the urgency of establishing logistical corridors toconnect Moroccan ports with regional platforms in Africa.
Statistics from the African Development Bank indicate that intra-African trade currently constitutes about 16% of the total, whereas it surpasses 60% in Asia and Europe. For Africa, beyond tariff reduction, challenges such as non-tariff barriers, improvements in transportation and logistics infrastructure, as well as security concerns, need to be addressed in order to lower costs and facilitate intra-African trade.
While Moroccan export products, including agri-food products, have established their presence in international markets, trade relations between Morocco and other African nations demand the development of a specifically tailored offering. This strategy aims to enhance trade flows and promote mutually beneficial co-development for all countries across the continent.

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