Saint-Charles International regrets the violence against deliveries from Spain and Morocco

The reality of the agricultural crisis is undeniable, and it is imperative to implement tangible measures to ensure fair compensation and acceptable production conditions. The challenges related to climate change and drought are also crucial and concern the entire society.
This agricultural crisis is not limited to France; other European countries are also experiencing protest movements. However, unlike some, France has unfortunately been the scene of unacceptable violence.
Faced with misleading allegations regarding the quality of foreign products in France, we emphasize that all products, whether from conventional or organic agriculture, comply with European standards and regulations when marketed in France or within the Common Market.
It is crucial to understand that the overtransposition of European directives by France, defined as the establishment of standards stricter than those of the European Union, is one of the main causes of the current situation. Instead of questioning this overtransposition, some prefer to stigmatize foreigners.
While the demands of the agricultural community are legitimate, the recent acts of violence against shipments from Spain or Morocco are unacceptable. We strongly condemn these actions, which demonstrate a lack of order and solidarity.
The current demagogy and populism contribute in no way to solving the problems. Stigmatizing what comes from abroad only serves to divide and fuel animosities, without offering constructive solutions.
Saint-Charles International, engaged in dialogue with the agricultural community within INTERFEL since 2017, emphasizes its crucial role in the marketing and distribution of local horticultural and arboricultural productions throughout France and Europe.
We express our solidarity with our Spanish, Moroccan, and other partners and reject the smear campaign against their products. Finally, we commend the decision of the Agricultural Unions to suspend blockades and adopt a new form of mobilization.

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