The snack tomato concept debuted on Blue Monday

Looye Growers introduces the latest addition to their family: Looye To Go tomatoes, a snack tomato concept designed for enjoying fresh, sweet tomatoes on the go. Packaged in a convenient, resealable cardboard takeaway packaging, these handpicked tomatoes are chosen for their flavorful taste by the dedicated Looye team. Margriet Looije, Commercial Director at Looye Growers, explains, “In response to the growing trend of snack consumption and changing eating habits, Looye To Go tomatoes cater to those who may not adhere to traditional three-meals-a-day routines. These cherry tomatoes are available in small 90-gram units and sets of three, providing a practical and delicious option for those eating on the move.”
January 15, often dubbed the most disheartening day of the year, is characterized by lingering holiday fatigue, short and dark days, and waning enthusiasm for New Year’s resolutions. Capitalizing on this pivotal moment, Looye Growers strategically unveiled their new product in blue packaging on this specific date.
Encouraging healthy and convenient snacking, Sales Manager Eduard Horlings emphasizes that the newly launched Looye To Go is not limited to January’s resolution season but is a year-round option for customers. The intentional choice of a January launch aims to tap into the post-holiday period when consumers are more inclined to opt for the practical and flavorful option of tomatoes over traditional snacks like chocolate bars or croquettes.
Starting this week, Looye To Go is now on shelves at HIT supermarkets in Germany and selected fruit and vegetable specialists in Belgium and the Netherlands. The product’s availability will soon expand, with plans for a broader rollout across various retail outlets, specialized channels, and the express channel in the near future.




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