Trials for novel fruit packaging suggest that blueberry season could last longer

Poland’s Fresh Inset, a tech company focused on preserving the freshness of harvested produce, recently conducted trials on blueberries using their Vidre+ product. This product, featuring a patented 1-MCP delivery system, was tested to extend the shelf life of blueberries. The results showed that it significantly slowed down the ripening process, with treated blueberries maintaining excellent quality and firmness for a full 49 days.
The Vidre+ technology is a patented system that gradually releases 1-MCP within the packaging itself, starting 1-2 hours after packaging and continuing for 30 hours through a user-friendly sticker. It’s activated by the humidity within the package and effectively protects against ethylene, a gas and natural plant hormone responsible for ripening and softening. While it’s already in use in Argentina, it’s pending regulatory approval in key food production markets, including the Americas.
These trials, conducted during the summer of 2022 and led by Dr. Dorota Wichrowska from the University of Science and Technology in Poland, demonstrated Vidre+ technology’s positive impact on blueberries. Treated fruits maintained their quality for 35 days of the experiment and 49 days of the test, while untreated fruits began softening after 21 days. Additionally, treated blueberries exhibited an 83% increase in Vitamin C and a 33% rise in antioxidant levels after 28 days.
According to Dr. Tim Malefyt, CTO at Fresh Inset, “This research highlights the potential of Vidre+ technology, offering flexibility in supply chain management and the ability to deliver fresher blueberries over longer distances. The technology positively affects freshly harvested blueberries, reducing weight loss, improving overall quality, preserving fruit firmness, and enhancing the retention of essential elements like Vitamin C and antioxidants.

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