Unveiling unique items for various tomato market segments

“Harmoniz, a relatively unknown company in our region, came to my attention when I associated it with one of the top varieties in the round, smooth tomato segment—specifically, the Carreras F1 variety,” shares Antonio Lisi, owner of Az. Agr. Lombardo Giuliana (Terracina, LT).
“I’ve been cultivating Carreras for a few years,” the farmer adds. “After learning that Harmoniz, supported by 20 years of research from TomaTech and Nirit Seed—two Israeli seed companies specializing in tomatoes—I decided last year to pair Carreras with some of the recommended hybrids for the Fondi-Latina area and, more broadly, for central and southern Italy.”
Carreras F1 and Socrates F1
“Regarding Carreras, I must admit that we achieved highly promising results last year,” states Lisi. “The productivity was remarkable, featuring abundant fruit sets, consistent cluster size, large berries, excellent fruit texture even at full ripeness, and vibrant color. Beyond its impressive productivity and post-harvest shelf-life, I believe Carreras’ strength lies in its robust vigor, supported by a comprehensive resistance package. This ensures hassle-free cultivation, even in ungrafted plants.”
Midi Plum Croconì F1
“In the oblong varieties segment, we achieved impressive results with Socrates F1,” shares the grower. “The fruit set is beautiful, and the berries, weighing around 160-180 grams, exhibit a rich deep green color on large, uniform clusters of 8 or 9 trusses. The early-maturing plant boasts a robust resistance package, including F3, TyLCV, and TSWV. However, managing vigor is essential. With a 60 cm spacing between plants, we’ve enhanced fruit quality and uniformity, making vigor control in the field more manageable. Socrates F1’s versatility during harvest is a notable advantage. It excels in both green and red stages. When sold green, it’s particularly favored by cooperatives requiring red tomatoes, as it ripens with excellent texture and intense flavor.”
“Lisi continues, “Two other varieties showing great promise in this region are the latest additions to the midi and mini-plum segment: Croconì F1 (TT-628) and TT-1053. Well-suited for February transplanting, both are recommended for seasonal and summer cycles. Croconì, the midi-plum, stands out as a highly productive, resilient plant that’s easy to cultivate. Its fruit boasts a vibrant red exterior, deep red flesh with a firm rachis, and fleshy sepals. Remarkably, the texture and shelf life are outstanding, with the fruit remaining intact for about 10 days—an ideal choice for export or long-distance commercialization. Additionally, it offers a delightful taste, requiring no additional ingredients. TT-1053, a date variety, exhibited excellence in quality, agronomic management, and short-cycle yield, displaying good tolerance to apical rot and no signs of nematodes.”
TT-1053, red mini-plum for harvesting clusters
“Among the tested specialties,” concludes the seasoned grower, “we introduced the yellow cherry tomato Yellow Candy, which garnered the most positive feedback. This is likely due to the increasing demand in recent years for this niche segment. The variety is well-regarded in various cooperatives for its ample size, attractive, stylish, and compact clusters, high Brix levels, and commendable post-harvest shelf life. Additionally, it has proven to be a strong performer in terms of production, maintaining its quality from the field to the conclusion of the production cycle.”

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