Water management challenges are posed by the Moroccan blueberry season

SunCrops Sales and Procurement manager German Perez anticipates the imminent start of the Moroccan blueberry season. According to him, the season is set to kick off at the end of December. Despite the obstacles faced last year, the team is diligently gearing up for a promising season. Insights gained from past experiences have enhanced their preparations, with a focus on achieving a more stable production, even in the face of potential challenges.
The upcoming Moroccan blueberry season faces potential challenges, with water management taking precedence, alongside logistical and packaging concerns, as explained by SunCrops Sales and Procurement manager German Perez. Efficiently managing water resources is crucial, especially in arid regions like Morocco. Logistics for transporting blueberries from Agadir to Casablanca adds complexity, requiring a reliable and timely supply chain to maintain freshness. Access to packaging materials, particularly punnets and plastic containers, is constrained, posing challenges in procuring diverse options, with significant difficulties in importing these materials into Morocco.
SunCrops, primarily targeting the European market, is also eyeing new opportunities in Asia, Perez emphasizes. Although Agadir fields remain unaffected, potential weather variations later in the season prompt preparatory efforts to ensure stable production. Despite focusing on the European market, SunCrops actively explores emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East, driven by growth potential and market diversification. Initial forecasts suggest progressive demand due to increasing trends in healthy product consumption, such as blueberries.
With lower blueberry volumes anticipated in Peru, SunCrops sees potential opportunities. Perez notes that reduced volumes from Peru could enhance negotiation power, allowing SunCrops to strengthen its market share and meet the demand gap left by Peru. The strategy involves becoming a preferred choice for buyers, thereby enhancing market leadership. Perez expresses optimism for the season, emphasizing careful planning and a proactive approach to achieve steady growth and an augmented market presence.




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