Egypt is poised to surpass the previous season’s strawberry export volume

Egyptian strawberry growers have completed the initial half of the strawberry season, with the remaining fresh strawberry harvest extending until February, when frozen strawberry exports commence. According to Amr Kadah, Export Manager at Fruit.Farm, Egypt anticipates surpassing last season’s strawberry export figures.
Kadah elaborates on the factors contributing to this optimistic outlook, citing an expansion in the strawberry cultivation area leading up to the current season, reaching 70,000 acres. Egypt has consistently benefited from favorable conditions, including ideal climatic conditions, its strategic location at the crossroads of continents, competitive production costs, and the expertise of local growers and workers. The collective efforts result in high-quality fruit, particularly popular varieties like Sweet Sensation, Fortuna, Florida, and Festival, known for their taste, aroma, and impressive brix levels reaching 9%.
Given these factors, Kadah expects Egypt to surpass the half-million-tonne threshold of last season’s strawberry production. He forecasts an increase of at least 40,000 tonnes in fresh strawberry volumes at Fruit.Farm, a trend observed nationwide due to the expanded acreage. Despite challenges such as rising production costs, the industry continues to progress without significant obstacles.
Kadah attributes the increased production costs to the adaptability of Egyptian producers and exporters to changing market regulations. They have invested substantially in machinery to ensure the safety and longevity of products during transport, encompassing aspects from cold storage to meticulous packaging.
Highlighting the global reach of Egyptian strawberries, Kadah mentions their presence in over 50 countries, including various European nations, the Arab Gulf countries, Russia, and Asia. Major markets include Belgium, Germany, the UK, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, South American countries, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Malaysia. Despite the challenges, Egyptian strawberries continue to meet the consistently high demand.
Looking ahead, Kadah discusses the transition from the fresh strawberry season to exporting frozen strawberries. He expects frozen strawberry volumes to surpass last season’s figures, reaching 200,000 tonnes.




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