Situated in the heart of Huelva, Spain’s primary strawberry production hub, Técnicas Sanjorge has been dedicated to supplying agricultural equipment since the mid-1980s, evolving alongside an industry that has emerged as a frontrunner in European berry production. The company has honed its expertise in crafting custom-made greenhouses and macro tunnels tailored for berry cultivation.
“Huelva serves as the epicenter of greenhouse technology advancement in berry cultivation in recent decades. Our proficiency in greenhouse-based berry cultivation has been fine-tuned over time, and through our relentless research and development efforts, we’ve made this technology exportable to regions worldwide,” remarked Rubén Ortiz, the group’s commercial director.
“More precisely, we’ve introduced cost-effective, oval-shaped, reinforced macro-tunnel greenhouses designed for berry cultivation. These structures can be easily assembled by customers themselves, reducing installation expenses while enhancing plant density per hectare.”
“We’ve achieved an unprecedented greenhouse width of up to 10 meters, a feat our competitors couldn’t match. These greenhouses are engineered to withstand various climatic challenges, from strong winds to snow accumulation. Our inspiration came from witnessing the hardships faced by berry growers in their greenhouses, spanning from South Africa to Poland, and we’ve engineered these structures to tackle those challenges effectively.”
With cultivation guidance and these highly resilient, budget-friendly designs, Técnicas Sanjorge is facilitating access to greenhouses for an increasing number of global producers, enabling them to safeguard their crops against unpredictable weather conditions and produce export-quality fruit, thereby ensuring a swift return on investment. “This type of berry greenhouse is well-suited for production regions in sub-Saharan Africa, Morocco, or Eastern Europe, where berry cultivation holds substantial untapped potential.”
“However, at Técnicas Sanjorge, our role extends beyond manufacturing these structures,” Rubén emphasized. “We take it a step further by offering our customers expert advice on plantation design and greenhouse specifications based on the specific strawberry, blueberry, or raspberry varieties they intend to cultivate. We assist them in making informed decisions considering factors such as plant leafiness, irrigation requirements for each variety, fruit accumulation areas, and more. This level of support is only possible due to the wealth of experience we’ve gained in our own region, enabling us to truly specialize in our field.”
Turnkey installations
“We initiated our greenhouse division in the year 2000, beginning with a modest macro-tunnel factory. Today, this division contributes to over 50% of our company’s revenue. In addition to this core venture, we are actively engaged in the supply and irrigation sectors. Furthermore, we are currently in the early stages of launching a new line of renewable energy projects. In the near future, we will commence the initial phase of constructing expanded facilities dedicated to our greenhouse operations, which will enable us to expand our current footprint from 8,000 square meters to 20,000 square meters.”




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