Logofruits takes the first place as the leading blueberry producer in Portugal

In an incredibly short span of five years, Logofruits has achieved the position of the top blueberry producer in Portugal and has risen among the most significant ones in Europe. This company not only engages in the cultivation and packaging of blueberries for renowned supermarkets in Northern Europe and Spain but also provides packaging services to wholesalers in South America and South Africa. This rapid success is largely attributed to the strategic vision and rigorous quality standards of its founder, Lourenço De Botton.
Two major decisions played a crucial role in this impressive journey. Firstly, the company made the strategic decision to invest in TOMRA Food’s advanced sorting and packaging equipment, allowing them to handle the packaging process in-house rather than outsourcing it to third parties. In preparation for the 2023 season, Logofruits has installed state-of-the-art equipment in its Alcácer facility, including the TOMRA KATO260 precision sorting system with LUCAi artificial intelligence, as well as two TOMRA CURO filling systems.The second significant decision was to diversify their operations by using their TOMRA equipment to sort and package blueberries for South American companies (from Chile and Peru) as well as South African companies looking to enter the European market.
Lourenço emphasizes that the blueberry industry is experiencing increasing demand but also heightened competition for smaller producers. It is rapidly evolving towards an industrial scale, making cost control crucial. This is why technology plays a central role for Logofruits, both in the field and in the packaging facilities. Before investing in their equipment, the company conducted a thorough market analysis and assessed available technical solutions, concluding that the combination of Logofruits and TOMRA was perfect for their strategy.
When asked about the impact of TOMRA’s line solutions, Lourenço has nothing but strong words to describe them, calling them ‘revolutionary’




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