Morocco is the one of the top 10 strawberry producers in the world

Morocco has been recognized as a leading strawberry producer, securing a position in the top 10 worldwide for 2024, according to the World Population Review. The nation’s strawberry production reached 166,955 tonnes, highlighting its significant role in the international market. This achievement underscores Morocco’s growing prominence in the agricultural sector.
The global strawberry market is experiencing increased demand, with China, the United States, and Egypt leading production. China tops the list with an output of 3,336,690 tonnes, followed by the United States with 1,055,963 tonnes, and Egypt with 597,029 tonnes. Other notable producers include Turkiye, Spain, Brazil, Russia, Poland, and Morocco.
Strawberry cultivation faces challenges such as climate-induced yield fluctuations and the need for careful handling and refrigeration to maintain quality during transport. In China, major production areas are Hebei, Shandong, and Liaoning, while in the United States, California is the primary producer, accounting for 90% of its strawberries. Egypt’s key regions are Ismailia, Beheira, and Qaluobia.
Geographical variations affect strawberry ripening seasons, with temperate regions experiencing early summer harvests and equatorial areas offering year-round production. Morocco’s entry into the top 10 strawberry producers highlights its agricultural sector’s resilience and its potential to meet global standards despite environmental and logistical challenges.




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