Thriving as the 9th largest avocado exporter, Morocco confronts water scarcity challenge

Amidst the impending challenge of water scarcity, Morocco’s avocado sector has displayed a remarkable upward trend. In the past six years, exports have surged by more than four times, propelling Morocco to the 9th position among the world’s leading avocado exporters. This momentum remains steadfast. In the recent season spanning July 2022 to May 2023, Morocco shipped an astonishing 45,000 tons of avocados, with a market value of $139 million. Notably, Spain, France, and the Netherlands stand as the primary destinations for Moroccan avocados, constituting a significant share of the nation’s total avocado exports.
While the prospects of the avocado industry hold great promise for Moroccan farmers and enterprises, apprehensions regarding its sustainability have mounted due to the country’s grappling with water scarcity. The increasing demands of a growing population and expansive agricultural practices have exacerbated the strain on Morocco’s already limited water reserves. According to the latest data from the World Bank, a staggering 88% of the country’s water resources are allocated to agriculture alone.
Morocco has now found itself among the countries with the lowest per capita water resources on the World Bank’s roster. As of 2015, the average annual water availability per person in the country was a mere 645 cubic meters.




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